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Instron 3365 dual column universal testing machine

Accessible to trained users on the booking system. Session duration 1 h, max 8 sessions per week. Out-of-hours access can be allowed in exceptional cases. Official web page

Characteristics and available clamps:

  • 500 N and 10 N load cells
  • Video Extensometer SVE2
  • Tensile pneumatic clamps
  • Compressive plates
  • 3-point bending clamp
  • Peel-off clamp
  • Penetration clamp for fabric testing (custom)
  • Micro-compression (custom), 20 and 15 mm
  • Confined compression for biological samples

Some documents are available to download and in hardcopy for reference purpose: a quick guide, a guide to cell switching and an advanced guide on the use of bending clamp, of the test profiler methods and of the paper frame method for weak materials.

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