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PANalytical Empyrean

System equipped with universal PreFIX optics, Pixcel3D2x2 area detector and programmable XYZ platform, is available for routine measurements.
The instrument can be accessed, upon training, from the booking system.

Tornado M4 Micro X-ray Fluorescence

Micro-XRF is a versatile analytic method for multi-element analysis and mapping of a wide range of inorganic, organic and biological samples, including inhomogeneous and irregularly shaped specimens. The measuring system can also be used to determine the thickness and composition of coatings and multi-layer structures. The method is non-destructive and it is suitable for detecting elements from sodium (Na) to uranium (U).
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System description:
X-ray tubes:

  • 30W micro-focus Rh tube with polycapillary lens (spot size < 25 µm for Mo Kα)
  • 40W fine-focus W tube with collimator (spot size = 1 mm)


  • 2 x 30 mm2 energy-dispersive X-ray silicon drift detectors (SDD), with energy resolution < 145 eV (for Mo Kα)

Sample stage with measurable area of 190 mm x 160 mm
Maximum sample height 120 mm, maximum sample weight 5 Kg
Sample stage speed up to 100 mm/s for “on the fly” distribution analysis, minimum step size 4 µm
This instrument is available for core admin use ONLY.